Black Ops Gunsmithing was founded in December 2011 by owner and head gunsmith, Nick Black. With over 15 years of experience in the professional firearms maintenance field, Nick has become well-respected for his knowledge and expertise. His professional gunsmithing services include major repairs and custom work on foreign and domestic, standard and non-standard small arms weapons. Nick is able to build custom pistols and rifles and has excellent knowledge of gunsmithing tools and procedures. He also possesses knowledge of firearms operation, principles and ballistics. Nick understands the principles of internal and external ballistic theories and their implications and effects in relation to mechanical operation/malfunction of firearms. 

Nick maintains an excellent relationship with his previous employers at Trijicon, Inc. and Mag-na-port International, Inc., both well-known and respected names in the firearms industry. Each of these companies have referred business to Nick’s shop, which is a testament to his talent, expertise and craftsmanship. 

While employed at Trijicon, Inc., Nick’s responsibilities included the operation of CNC machines in the manufacture of ACOGs and other optics in the Trijicon line of products. He was responsible for the installation and repair of the line of Bright and Tough Night Sights, as well as general gunsmithing duties required in the maintenance of shop firearms. He also provided consultation to the Research and Development Engineering Team in the introduction of new products for the firearms industry.

At Mag-na-port International, Inc., Nick’s duties included performing shotgun repairs and modifications, installing muzzle brakes, EDM porting of shotgun, rifle and handgun barrels and the machining of custom parts, as well as general gunsmithing. He worked as a company representative at a variety of National level trade events, including the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Federation) SHOT Show and the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) Grand American World Trapshooting Championship.

Nick Black has had the opportunity to work overseas while employed by KBR, Inc. (formerly Kellogg Brown & Root). His responsibilities included supervision of small arms repair technicians in troubleshooting and direct support maintenance of current military small arms including: M9’s, M4’s, M16’s, M249’s, M240’s, M203’s, M2’s and MK19’s for the U.S. Army on FOB Endurance, Iraq. He was an instructor for an Armorer Course training multi-national forces on a variety of weapon systems both foreign and domestic. He received a Certificate of Appreciation awarded by the 71st CSB for the training of Iraqi soldiers while stationed on FOB Endurance. Prior to working for KBR, Inc. in Iraq, Nick worked for L-3 Communications as a Small Arms Repair Technician for the U.S. Army at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.  

Nick gained a great deal of experience while working for Gander Mountain as the Head of the Gunsmithing Department at their largest store in Michigan. Serving in this position, he had two employees under his direct supervision, and was responsible for the training of newly hired gunsmiths throughout the District. Nick was in charge of ordering parts and supplies for the repairs and customization of firearms. His gunsmithing duties included troubleshooting, repairs and customization of a wide variety of firearms for sportsmen and law enforcement. Nick developed a large customer loyalty base and gained respect throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area for his quality and workmanship. Under his supervision, the Gander Mountain store in Novi was consistently a top performing shop within the corporation.

Opening Black Ops Gunsmithing has been a lifelong dream for Nick. He is passionate about hunting and competitive shooting. Being a husband and father, Nick is concerned with gun safety and encourages his customers to respect the responsibilities of gun ownership.

Nick and his family are proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project and Nick is a longtime member of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA).